pond5 review

Pond5 Honest Review

Pond5 – The New Leader On The Block

Pond5 if your new one-stop media marketplace. Pond5 provides millions of stock photos, royalty-free videos, music tracks, sound effects, illustrations, SFX, After Effects projects, and 3D models. They make it easy for you to search and purchase various media types, while artists can also submit their media for sale. As a result of both their selling power and Best Affordable Laptops for Gaming their “set your own price” policy, Pond5 is attracting the largest collection of stock video footage or motion, than any other microstock agency site.

pond5 review

Pond5 launched its site in 2006 and is based in New York City. Since its beginnings, it has partnered with the top national and international content businesses, to become the pioneering, online giant for stock media and creative components. Pond5 has already established a unique buyer’s base by allowing you to set your own prices and offering the difficult to believe, 50% royalty rate, the highest in the industry. All you have to do is post a hard drive with a release spreadsheet or submit an FTP file.

Pond5 Features

Additional features that Pond5 has to offer, includes:

  • free stock video downloads
  • release of weekly free video downloads for registered users
  • has an Adobe Premiere plug-in to make fast moving creative projects
  • has Media of the Moment where buyers can see current trending videos

In addition to being video specialists, Pond5 also has quality audio stock, which has made it the most complete single site marketplace for various file lovely questions to ask your boyfriend formats. Again, their policy of setting your own price, has attracted the talent of videographers who are looking for the convenience of microstock distribution and the Pond5 free download.

Pond5 Royalty Free Footage/Clips

You can buy or sell royalty free Pond5 footage. They range in length from 3 to 60 seconds, with an average price range between $20 – $50 per clip. Yes, some clips are free and other priced clips are categorized as specialty footage clips. Pond5 is inviting media makers from all over the world to submit their own content and to set their own prices. Submissions are curated by the expert and experienced Pond5 team, who make it their mission to make media stock clips available for immediate preview, purchase and download.

Pond5 Stock Music Options

Are you looking for the best in stock music – Pond5 has an amazing library. Their quality selection of music to choose from, has hundreds of new tracks that are added every week. The Pond5 music library selections contains over 80,000 music tracks with easy advanced search features, that allow you to navigate with ease through their collections. You can sort by name, popularity, page views, artist, date, sales, and name. Before you make a purchase, Pond5 allows you to download a watermarked Mp3 preview to try out.

One of Pond5’s best features for music files is your ability to make collections of your own and to organize your own personalized track selections. Unlike other stock sites, Pond5 uses a one size fits all licensing system, which allows you to use their license preferences once, even worldwide, in all media preferences. If you need help of any kind while on the Pond5 site, there is a 24/7 support team, an active community forum, and contact buttons on the musicians profiles.

Payment Options

With Pond5, you get payment methods that are extremely safe and secure. Payments are accepted via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and Moneybookers. Pond5 and their partnerships have provided a reliable global payment solution that is expandable as they move into new markets. Create an account and see how seamless and secure it is to work with Pond5. Their shopping cart and purchases are setup like a regular retail store, where you add your purchases and then you check out. They also don’t require you to prepay to make purchase, instead you pay for files at the time of your purchase. Also available are Pond5 promo code specials and coupons which are frequently available. Pond5 accepts payments from 17 different countries with plans to expand very soon.


Pond5 is gained the reputation of being the largest stock footage marketplace in the world, without locking their customers into a subscription. They are increasing their media and photo collections regularly. As quoted by their chief, Tom Bennett in a Pond5 review, “their aim is to empower, inspire, and to build the world’s most vibrant, artist friendly marketplace for creativity.” Already known for their Pond5 footage videos, they are expanding their reputation across many media outlets. Yes, Pond5 is doing just that because they are well on their way to achieving one of the greatest stock media marketplace sites anywhere!